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13 October 2030 @ 21:30
Hello everyone. I'm currently not in fandom anymore.
19 January 2013 @ 14:27
Hey!! Long time no talk to all of you! Have you all enjoyed your New Year's Eve & Day? No accidents and major hangovers I hope!

My resolution is up with my friends' lives, so here you go! Are you guys all doing okay? Let's catch up soon.

So... something I've wanted to post for a very long time. bunny_alice, I actually found out we do have a Brazilian restaurant over here and I really want to go and try the stuff you recommended sometime!! Man this is way too long ago, I'm so sorry I forgot and didn't bother any earlier.
To answer your meme questions:

1. how did your passion for dance begin?
2. what was the most difficult thing in learning hebrew?
3. do you have any pics of your trip to israel? can you show me one?
4. what's a typical dutch food i should try?
5. how did you get to know NEWS?

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26 October 2010 @ 21:44
Okay... how unhealthy is it to drink three energy drinks on a school day if it keeps you going? 2 hours of travelling, several hours of school, 2,5 hours travelling back. And yet the first thing I do when at home, even with those drinks is take a nap until dinner >_<. Ah, if it helps, it helps.

Did I mention I also drink 2-3 coffee a day? At least I can study and somewhat socialize at school and do all the stupid shit everyone else does at my age. Spent so many years (pretty much from age 11 to... well, way after graduating high school) attempting and trying my hardest to conform to the image of  "normal student" or by having a job I didn't get the support - considering I do have a handicap, whether I like it or not - I needed, that society has painted over here that asdfgh I'm so happy with this education where I can take things at my own pace.

Okay I'm done.
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25 October 2010 @ 17:20
I'm completely hooked on the new Strictly Come Dancing and the Dutch So You Think You Can Dance series. The latter I got interested in after having watched the UK series (I supported Tommy and Charlie all the way, yay) and for the NL version I'm very partial to Caggie and Enora (too bad they aren't dancing together).

Shameless pimping, even if nobody here watches it because it's not aired in their country. Not even expecting anyone to read this damn thing but I just really want to type out how much I love these shows.

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29 June 2010 @ 20:35
This week is my final week of school and I'm having mixed feelings about it. On one hand, it's great to have a couple of weeks off and all, especially since the heat over here is excruciating, but on the other hand I work a lot better on my school stuff over there and I like the people there, I think I'm actually going to miss it if that makes any sense.

It's not like we did much today, last week so yeah, we basically did anything we could think of except for studying - though some have exams to study for so yeah. I managed to get some of an exam done and then just gave up and listened to music/watched a DVD ripped online/watched everyone else make themselves look like a prick by messing around and half-destroying the classroom when the teacher was away.

One guy was being chased by all three of my female classmates because they wanted to rob him from his snacks or something, it was funny. Ladies, don't you know that there's a much bigger chance of getting snacks from a boy if you're nice to them? Yeah, guess they don't haha. At some point me and the guy I share desks with were sitting in the middle of it all trying to keep a straight face and everyone else trying to get us on their team, rofl.

Sad Japan is out of the World Championships and judging by how NL has played so far, I wish them a loooot of luck against Brazil, they'll need it. Bad.

I have a brrp post planned out and talked it through with the person I'm joining up with and all and trying to get it done by the weekend.

That's it haha. Short entry this time. Everyone else doing okay and stuff? 
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18 April 2010 @ 10:49
Okay guys....

We got a phone call from our estate manager a few days ago and after having let everything get to me I can say it now:

We got a house in the city! Woo-hoo! :D

It's not sure yet when we can move in, we really want to move by 15 July but the (ex-)owners want more time - preferably mid-August right after my birthday but as school holidays end somewhere around that time, that's really not convenient for us. I already had to skip a holiday with friends because I live in the middle of the country (over here, summer holidays don't start at the same time for every part of the country btw, meaning that some people's holidays start late June and some only half July) and being right in the middle of a moving isn't really making that any better.

But, we have a house. And I'm so freaking happy about it, finally I can get out of this hellhole I live in and become a little more mobile (which was my main issue with this town - having no car will make you dependant on public transport).
18 February 2010 @ 20:48
Yeah, I know I've got one for people I've got friended but this one is for everyone haha. Some facts:

* I study advanced English.
* I like the color red.
* I love movies, mainly Hitchcock, Argento and anything horror/thriller-ish, though I can watch other stuff too.
* Like the movie Scarface, but mostly because Al Pacino manages to get me to feel sympathy for an unsympathetic character.
* I got a dog I don't always love but still show off in my userpics.
* I really, really like Ryo Kimura as an actor. I'm happy I got to use him as my first BRRP character's PB.
* From the girls, Rose McGowan is a fav. Come on, who can overlook her performance in Scream? 
* I can't possibly travel somewhere without listening to Rhythm of Love by the Scorpions and ABC by the Jackson Five at least once.
* My favorite band however must be Alice in Chains, closely followed by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica.
* I love Aardappel Anders, a Dutch dish that contains potatoes, vedgtables and crispy cheese.
* I like fashion. And make-up. And I hate it when my clothes are dirty or torn, I won't walk around like that hahaha.
* Ever since I can remember I've loved writing and just daydreaming about things that won't happen.
* I have a big notebook right next to my computer that's full of English words and its context. I use it for writing for BRRP.
* I own a laptop and take it anywhere with me, even if I won't have time to write on it. I just don't like to leave it behind...it's mine, you know? I paid like 900 dollars for it.
* On school days, I take unhealthy amounts of drinks that contain caffeine because otherwise I'm so drowsy I don't make it through the day.
* I'm not really someone who wants a lot of friends. Health issues make it hard to keep friendships up so I'd rather focus on a few close ones instead so I can give them the attention they deserve. I know it sounds pathetic but yeah, it's always a guess on how I'll be feeling later and can't plan to go someplace with people easily - I might cancel at the last moment, which is shitty, you know? 
* I have a permanent cold, even when it's hot outside I can still catch one.
* Although I'm not that organized myself, I hate it when things around me are just messy. Sometimes, in a flurry, I'll end up cleaning my whole bedroom just because I can't bear to look at a messy desk anymore. Oh yeah, what is 'clear' to you isn't always clear to me. I'm not too observant.
* Purol salve works really well against cuts and scrapes. If you find it, try it. I've recently started using it and helps that kind of stuff heal quickly.
* I'm always a bit nervous when I'm in a car...especially if the driver drives really fast. I guess I'm scared to crash? That, together with that it's expensive and you'll have to take Driver's Ed and all which is stressful, I have no desire to get myself a car. Additionally, I used to get carsick all the time when I was a kid.
* I do like to talk about the more casual subjects and I can describe pretty well how things work for me, I guess. But I'm terrible at talking about private subjects and especially online I keep that part of me tucked away. It's nothing personal.
* I'm pretty much a perfectionist for the little things that I do do. I mean...I really want to do things the right way and I hate it when I check things back later and spot those kinds of messy mistakes that I could've easily avoided.
* I don't drink much. It makes me too sleepy haha. I don't really have a preference in alcohol though.
* Never smoked or touched drugs.
* I used to be terrified of heights...but I just got over it or something? I don't know. It's still a bit *gulp* when I'm up somewhere high but it doesn't inhibit me much anymore.
* I'm terrified of snakes though. It's their tongues and the way they move, it's just eww. *shudders*
* I utterly hate huge crowds. I always tensen up when I'm there and get so nervous that I can barely keep myself from spilling my drink or something. It's probably the constant noise and feeling "watched".
* I don't really read that much.
* I have family in Israel and they live in the safer part of it, don't worry. I visit them every year. I just feel like it's a personal mission to me to see them at least two weeks a year or so. I don't speak Hebrew though, I always converse in English with them, and in Dutch with my grandparents who do speak it.
* Ever since I started Advanced English, I just can't watch an English program on TV without grabbing a notebook and writing down the words/phrases I don't know and its translation. It's nearly compulsive now. O__O
* I <3 underdog characters in a story and always root for a more unusual couple. I rarely find myself sympathizing with the lead to the extend of the less in-the-spotlight characters and often don't like the token couple.

And last but not least: I keep a lot of my posts locked because I don't like it when everyone and their mother can read that kind of stuff. I didn't think that a lot of people would start follow my journal...naive, yeah, and now I lock those posts. Again, nothing personal. I just don't like it when I say something and people are like "Yeah, I read that in your journal, omg!!!" I know people are only interested and mean well but it makes me feel being *watched* you know?

And that's it because otherwise this thing will get too long and too tedious. Bye XD.